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Young Criminal Justice Professionals (YCJP)

2018-2019 CJSC Calendar

Nov. 6th-8th/18

Murder Mystery Crime Scene

Humber Lakeshore

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Nov. 6th-8th/18

Murder Mystery Crime Scene

A mock murder scene will be set up in L1017, in which, students/faculty sign up to participate in, in groups of 4. Participants will watch a short video about the Basics of Forensics, be provided with specific forensic evidence, disclosure, and other resources to help them solve the crime. They will have 15 minutes to collect their own evidence from the scene, and will have 24 hours to solve the crime.

Humber Lakeshore


CJSC Public Sector Relay

Humber Lakeshore

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CJSC Public Sector Relay

Teams of up to 4 participants will have the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in CJSC's FIRST ANNUAL Public Sector Relay at Humber College, Lakeshore Campus. 

Our team will be setting up a course to test your physical skills along with your team-oriented abilities to see if you and your peers have what it takes. The course will be a mixture of different tasks that are similar to that of the Physical Readiness Course used in PFP and that of the Candidate Physical Abilities Test used by Fire Services.

We will have prizes for the TOP 3 teams with the lowest times, but we're also encouraging you all to come endure this engaging obstacle course relay!


Updated: January 24th, 2019

Humber Lakeshore

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About Us


Established by three dedicated Criminal Justice students in 2014, we now have over 20 members and counting! The CJSC is the first student led committee in Humber's School of Social and Community Services created and tailored to meet the needs of their fellow colleagues.


We offer an array of leadership and volunteer opportunities to Humber College students such as: Orientations, Open Houses, exclusive events and planning and executing our own events for Humber students to engage in.

Peer Mentors

We offer guidance, support and assistance to Humber College students from an array of programs as well as providing members the necessary skills to confidently enter the justice field. 


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Criminal Justice Student Collective (CJSC)

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